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Innovation Care Partner’s (ICP) Medical Management Department is committed to serve both our Members and our Providers with high-quality service. ICP combines years of experience with innovative service delivery to provide exceptional service and value to our customers. We have many supportive programs including: Prior Authorization, utilization review, comprehensive care coordination, transitional care management, community resources and disease management.



Our dedicated clinical professionals strive for a positive timely experience in customer service by using our collective talent to meet your benefit goals. ICP’s clinical team thinks innovatively in serving its members and providers to achieve the best healthcare solutions.

Medical Management Directory

Clinical Leadership Directory

Main Number: 480-400-0001


Kris Samaddar, MD

Chief Medical Officer


Email:[email protected]

Prior Authorization Directory



    • Fax Number:

      • 480-588-8061
      • Toll free 1-833-665-1252


  • Out of Area and Facility Admission Notification:

    • 1-800-250-6647
    • Or fax to 1-833-665-1252
Utilization Review Department

Utilization Review Nurse

Local Voice Mail: 480-681-6502

Out of Area: 1-800-250-6991

E-mail: [email protected]

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