Care Management Program has two distinct yet highly integrated services, the Transitional Case Management program and the Comprehensive Care Coordination program. These two innovative programs serve our patients and physicians with highly collaborative, effective, and evidence-based service coordination with proven outcomes. The Care Management Team collaborates with physicians and their patients to assist in coordination of care throughout this complex healthcare system; as well as linking them to many community based resources. ICP’s services span from assisting in transitioning from the hospital, providing support and guidance, researching community programs, and helping patients establish health care goals.

Care Management Program

Comprehensive Care Coordination Program
Our service makes sure that together, you, your Care Coordinator, and your doctor, will customize and coordinate your health care based on your specific needs. This program will also make sure that you get the right care, in the right form, from the right health care professionals, at the right time.
  • Participation is Free
  • Participation is completely Voluntary
  • Participation is at the Patients’ Convenience
  • Participation will not change your health benefits
  • Personalized, high quality health care coordination with the goal to improve health of participants
  • Participants will be assigned a designated Care Coordinator (CC) to assist with easier access to your primary care physician, answer questions you may have about your health, and partner with you in your health goals
  • Your Care Coordinator can also assist with other life resources, such as:
    1. Improved communication between specialists and PCP
    2. Transportation needs
    3. Meals
    4. Socialization
    5. Fitness
    6. Research prescription cost saving opportunities
    7. Financial / Legal resources (Advanced Care Planning, ALTCS, etc.)
    8. Preventive services
    9. Housing
    10. Wellness services
And many other supportive services as needs arise.
Transitional Care Managers

The ICP Transitional Care Managers (TCM) assist patients in healthcare coordination during transitions between healthcare facilities. TCMs are an integral part of your care team during your hospital stay or emergency room visit.

They will help to facilitate excellent communication among everyone involved in your care, including you and your loved ones.

Our TCMs will continue to follow you to facilitate your transition back to the community and communicate with your primary care physician.

Our TCM’s are well-informed regarding community resources, insurance benefits, health care advocacy resources, and many other services you may need during and especially after an acute illness.

Your TCM is available to:

  • Assess your health care service needs to ensure you continue toward positive recovery

  • Clarify any health care questions with your hospital providers and PCP

  • Educate on health care warning signs once after transitioning care facilities

  • Providing referral assistance with home health, non-medical care, care home placement, transportation services, connecting with community resources, and more

  • Troubleshoot questions and concerns throughout the process.