ICP Medical Management Department - Hours of Operation

The Prior Authorization/UM Department is open, and staff are available during normal business hours – 8am-4:30pm daily, Monday through Friday.

Medical Management Directory

Clinical Leadership Directory

Main Number: 480-400-0001



Karen Vanaskie DNP, MSN, RN

Voice Mail: 480-630-1049


Prior Authorization Directory



    • Fax Number:

      • 480-588-8061
      • Toll free 1-833-665-1252


  • Out of Area and Facility Admission Notification:

    • 1-800-250-6647
    • Or fax to 1-833-665-1252
Utilization Review Department

Utilization Review Nurse

Local Voice Mail: 480-681-6502

Out of Area: 1-800-250-6991

E-mail: icpur@icphealth.com

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